Recently, I read the book Exist West by Mohsin Hamid for my English Composition Class. I have almost finished reading it entirely and so far, it has been a very compelling read. While reading, the one thing that stood out to me was the social justice topic of social media/the internet. This topic is presented throughout the book in several ways. In parts of the book, social media is portrayed as a valuable resource. For example, the two main characters, Nadia and Saeed, would use their phones to connect with each other, to download music for enjoyment, and to keep up with the news. However, social media was also portrayed as being with someone and yet still worlds apart. This is because we are more connected to our phones instead of connecting with the people around us.  Examples of this are when the characters were in the same room, sitting side by side, and yet they were mentally far apart. In addition, I choose this social justice topic for two reasons. First off, it is a topic that I can relate to. And for me, the more relatable a topic is, the easier the writing process becomes. Furthermore, social media has played a huge role in my life. Even though I did not grow up with social media nor the internet for the first twelve years of my existence, I cannot imagine my life without it. And people everywhere would agree that they also could not live without social media/the internet. Secondly, I am constantly trying to limit myself in how much I check my social media accounts. I figured the more I have to write on this topic, hopefully, the outcome would be I am using social media less and not more. So, to sum it up, my topic for the next several blog posts will center around social media and the internet. And just maybe, the more one has read on how useful and problematic social media is, they would also want to use it less.


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