Strict Surveillance:

Regarding the book, Exist West written by Mohsin Hamid, not only are Nadia and Saeed under the constant threat of terror, but also unknown authorities are constantly controlling the characters Internet and electrical connectivity. This affects the characters in one of two ways. First off, the authorities have the power to turn off the internet which now results in the characters having no access to knowing what is going on around them as well as not having the means to distract them from their terrifying reality. Secondly, when there is limited or no access to the internet or electricity, the characters do not seem to notice, and they continue to live out their lives normally. When they do have little to no access, the characters will often just talk between themselves as a distraction. In my opinion, this does not feel relevant to today’s world simply because we are overly consumed with our Internet and electricity connectivity. In addition, we have no idea what it is like to be under strict surveillance from unknown authorities. We cannot live without the Internet. When we do have limited access to these luxuries, we do not know what to do with ourselves. Talking face-to-face is a lost form of communication. I am convinced that we as Americans need to become more like Nadia and Saeed in the way of not being overly consumed with the Internet. As for electricity, so many people cannot afford electricity, so those who can financially afford this form of comfort need to be more grateful and not take it for granted. In conclusion, Americans are fortunate to not live in a state of terror and not have limitations on the Internet and electricity. The sooner we realize that people around the world are not as fortunate, the better.


3 thoughts on “Strict Surveillance:

  1. I truly agree with your saying. Throughout the book, we saw how the characters, Nadia and Saeed were affected by the terror or invasion that was happening in their city. The idea of not having access to the internet and electricity affected the people of the city greatly just like it affected Nadia and Saeed. It was harder for the two lovers to find ways of communications and interactions. Since they always communicated through their devices, they were greatly affected by the rules. Because they knew nothing will change anytime soon, they found ways to interact and communicate without the internet. I absolutely agree on our society is so used to having many other ways of interacting without one ane another through the use of devices rather than face to face interactions. Our society is so used to having things the way we wanted that most things are taken for granted. The use of the internet has caused isolation between peers because of the time spent on the devices. There are people in another world who cannot afford the money for electricity or the internet and they find ways to spend time laughing and communicating rather than spending so much time on devices. I think we American should take things into consideration just like you said it. Nadia and Saeed interacting face to face created stronger bonds and connections between them.

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  2. l agrees with Emily’s opinion. Social media is kind of limited the way of commutation. A long time ago. Just like our grandparents they use letters to connect with each other. My grandparents keep the letters they wrote to each other. when they weren’t live together with each other, they would read the letters. This is a romantic way to show love. Just like Nadia and Saeed did in the book. Even they can’t call each other every day, they still keep a closed relationship. However, today we can talk with each other and face time whole day with each other, we don’t feel that is a real relationship.

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  3. I agree with Emily’s position on social media and it is truly frightening. I remember when my power cut out for about three and half days and I felt empty without the internet. I tried taking a walk, listening to the radio, and even reading a book but I could still not overcome my addiction to it. I honestly felt like an addict with an uncontrollable feel fr the substance that controls me. It is a scary sight but as life goes on it is about the evolution of man. At the end of the day it is up to you to healthily consume and use the internet. Although, many of us struggle with the need of the internet we are on new to this and it can be surely be stopped with a concerted effort of everyone trying and finding other alternatives for happiness.

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